Soul Reading

Soul Reading By Dr DP Shukla

Soul Reading By Dr. D.P. Shukla

Soul Reading: The soul carries the details of the karma throughout the incarnations. It works like a memory card, giving the memories of the events/karma throughout the past lives.

Two individuals with the same birth date, time and premises and thus identical astrological birth charts and yet, their lives may be different. It happens, because the karmic account of both the individuals is different and therefore, their destiny differs.

Once we understand this, it is easier to work on the present karma, to improve the future. In spite of the happenings occurring in the life of the individual, according to the astrological birth chart, its severity and impact can be changed by changing our present karmas.

Soul reading helps to know and understand to root cause of our sufferings and issues.

Once we know our soul pattern, we can correct or break the unwanted patterns which lie deep inside our soul or subconscious mind. Soul healing helps us to free the soul from past life blockages.

Thus, soul healing gives a more profound impact on the life of the individual in its real sense.