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Dr. D.P. Shukla

I am a soul reader. My life's greatest passion and desire are to help you discover your life's path.
I believe in exploring, adopting and guiding holistic and natural way of fulfilling of our outer and inner needs. I can help you with each problem of your life and provide you easy and effective remedies.


The founder of the Anant Parivar Seva Mandir Trust (APSMT) ----Dr. D.P. Shukla, has reformed many lives around the globe with his Midas touch, knowledge and blessings. It's hard to find someone with so many special qualities and yet with so much simplicity. One can't help, but get influenced by the aura of the man who left his home at the tender age of 12years to seek spiritual knowledge.

From his very childhood age, he used to get queries about life and had curiosity about every living thing around. He used to sit alone, quietly for hours looking at things and objects to study and seek his answers. He left his family and society, to gain the knowledge which he urged for. He travelled throughout India in search of the truth of life, interacted with, stayed with and consulted every intellectual, mystic or psychics that he came across to. For a period of time, he remained detached from the relationships and pleasures of materialistic world, in quest of knowledge.

Alongside Dr. D. P. Shukla pursued his secular education and hence qualified as a doctor. He believes in spiritual reasoning of religious consult.

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And thus, he got to work on himself and transformed himself again to enter the world, with the belief of “A Life Within You”. He could unfold the mystery, that the God whom we search for outside, is rather inside you, within you. God is not outside in the temple, on the mountains, or anything else. Do not run away from the life to search for the truth of life. There is no need to stay in jungle or stay away from social responsibilities. It is all within you, yourself. He believes that your appearance or clothes do not proclaim your virtues. You are, what you are from within. It is important to know oneself. Awaken the Guru in oneself. He wants everyone to realize the same.

His blessings and advices have proved to be a lamplighter for many lives: -

Exploring and adopting holistic and natural ways of fulfilling our outer and inner needs.

Rediscovering our relationship with our Creator and His power.

Giving up a path of development which fans consumerism, profiteering and growth measured purely in material terms.

Striving towards the transformation of self by reaching out to that Creative Energy which gives rise to all physical and mental phenomena.

Rediscovering ourselves and our hidden powers

His powerful, yet peaceful persona impresses everyone who has met him. People from all religions experience a change in their lives after getting his blessings. It is believed that if you share a cordial connection with him in your heart then you will get all sort of aid in your life. The holy hill of Udaipur, Rajasthan is always flooded by his followers. Residents from all over the globe seek his guidance for a better and spiritual life. What's most amazing is that the man is so modest that he doesn't consider himself to be anyone's Guru.

For more than two decades, his life transforming teachings and blessings have guided souls lost in darkness towards the eternal luminescence. Along with this, his love and compassion for all, irrespective of their individuality, has made numerous people all over the globe consider him their spiritual Guru. A pure soul- who is leading others into spiritual realization!

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We have centers at Mumbai, Delhi and Udaipur.
Upcoming branch opening in Vadodara, Gujarat. More than 18 years of experience with more than 30000 satisfied clients across about more than 15 Country.

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We are attached to a charitable organization- ANANT PARIVAR SEWA MANDIR TRUST (APSMT). About 80% of our income is utilized in the functioning of trust activities for the welfare of society. It runs for the health, education and social well being of the needy.

We are looking forward to work on our upcoming projects:

  1. Bliss of happiness for cerebral palsy and autistic kids.
  2. Kalp vriksh for the homeless elderlies.
  3. Shelter and treatment center for stray animals.