Your Mentor: Much Like Bank Account & ATM

28 august, 2018 Blog

Your Mentor: Much Like Bank Account & ATM

We all are familiar with the concept of Bank Accounts and ATMs. We deposit our money in our Account on which we are paid some interest normally 6-12% P.A. and we are provided with an ATM Card to make transactions or withdraw our money as and when we need it. Higher the deposits higher are the interest, higher the duration higher is the interest.

In other words the larger the deposit of money and longer the duration of the bank deposit is better is the yield.

The same mechanism works in the relationship and life of Guru and his pupils. But entity of money changes to faith, devotion and dedication. More of the above mentioned you deposit with your guru or Lord, The longer time you remain associated with the Guru or Lord higher is the benefit, blessings and grace you get in return.

Remembrance is the ATM Card to be used here. When you need money you use your ATM Card but in this case Aid comes unasked. Still if you feel you aren’t being helped sufficiently, with all devotion just call your guru in your heart and observe the difference.

As we also know that better the bank is better the services and benefits offered are. Same is true here too. If you associate with a person who has huge following better, your life will be. When a pupil of Guru is facing a tough time or a big challenge is in front of him. Then not only the Guru’s power but also the energies accumulated in the guru of all his followers come to the help of the seeker.

This is what I have realized and experienced in my life and times. D.P.Shukla

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