Strong Mind Strong Life

28 august, 2018 Blog

Strong Mind Strong Life

Use your mental power to fight obstacles and hurdles. We ourselves
are the creator or destroyer of our own destiny. I came across many individuals who have created fortunes for themselves, just by the power of strong determination. A person who might be born in a poor family, but thinks of doing or achieving something extraordinary, can achieve it, if he does not loose faith in his determination.

Let us take an example: A son of a clerk, completes his graduation and is looked upon by his family to bring home
some earnings. His father forces him to take up a clergy job in an office. But boy is not satisfied with this kind of life,
He is determined to be a successful entrepreneur. He starts a small business on credit and his growth will depend
upon the kind mindset he has. If he is worried of booking loss in first month then definitely he will be in loss.
Second month two things can happen either he could be strong willed to earn profit this month or he
will be afraid in heart for loosing this month again.

Might be the feeling of loss is more strong then profit he will definitely be in loss.

As per the common mentality he will consult astrologers, palmists or other psychics for knowing what is wrong?
Is he suitable for doing a business or not? And if yes then what kind of? He may get favorable or unfavorable replies
in regard to business. Now naturally his mind will be more negatively programmed.

But at this instance if he makes a strong determination “No matter what, I will book profit this month” and doesn’t
loose heart on first small defeats, then he will grow. He will grow falsifying all predictions and forecasts.

The principle of mental strength applies in other areas too. Once upon a time a boy caught jaundice, as we all
know that there is no specific medical treatment of jaundice and the parents grew worried. Naturally jaundice proves fatal many a times. Somebody suggested that the boy should be consulted to a witch doctor. Consequently a jaundice specialist witch doctor was called upon who after doing a good inspection said that the boy’s condition was critical and
something needed to be done on urgent basis, for his treatment he demanded a heavy fee.
This made the boy annoyed he asked the witch doctor politely to leave and he will be contacted as soon as money is arranged. Next he did a commitment to himself that I will prove this witch doctor wrong and without the aid of any medicine he recuperated from the jaundice in 10 days only with the power of his strong will.

Many people complaint that they fall victim of malpractices of black magic by their enemies and suffer heavy losses physically, mentally, socially and economically.

If you are strong willed then no power can harm you. Suppose there is a fort which is being attacked by the enemies.
If the walls of the fort are strong, built and maintained well and repaired instantly if there is any major injury
is caused to them, then they will repel all enemy attacks and will remain unconquered.

Similar is the story of your mind and your own Aura energy system. If you build your mind, aura and energy system
with positive power of mantras, spirituality and positive thoughts, then your energy system is able to repel all sorts of attacks of negative energies and effects of planetary transits.

You can remove your problem your self. For instance a boy and girl fall in love with each other and when they wish
to get married the astrologers say they are having manglik dosh marriage can not be proceeded.
If this happens then lot of bad things will happen. In such condition the if couple is strong willed then
they should ignore these points and marry just keeping in mind that their respective spouses are best for them
and they are growing happy and sound they will have the best of the life.

You want to buy a house or flat but people say that it suffers a Vastu Trouble either you could give up your
decision or you could have faith in yourself that you will remain positive, adopt healthy practices and will
achieve all your goals you want to, then Vastu trouble will just be a funny story.

Most importantly you must feed yourself positively by worshipping god and devoting everything to him,
by doing spiritual practices like meditation and yoga.

No doubt he will be affected by the planetary movement according to astrology. Like he will face challenges professionally which will shake his very foundation, this will be a decisive moment either you may
retreat or march ahead with more enthusiasm and confidence.

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