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28 august, 2018 Blog

Soul Reading

The soul carries the details of the karma, throughout the incarnations. It works like a memory card, giving the memories of the events/karma, throughout the past lives.

Two individuals with the same birth date, birth time and premises and therefore identical astrological birth charts and yet, their lives may be different! It happens, because the karmic account of both the individuals is different and thus, their destiny differs.

Once we understand this, it is easier to work on the present karma, to improve the future. In spite of the happenings occurring in the life of the individual, according to the astrological birth chart, its severity and impact can be changed by changing our present karmas.

Soul reading helps to know and understand the root cause of our sufferings and issues.

Once we know our soul pattern, we can correct or break the unwanted patterns, which lie deep inside our soul or subconscious mind.  Soul healing helps us, to free the soul from past life blockages.

Thus, soul healing gives a more profound impact on the life of the individual in its real sense.

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  • Ramakant Tiwari, Delhi
    May 15, 2018

    I have always been religious and looked for purpose of life. I was going through depression, which I couldn’t talk about, as I didn’t know how to express myself. I went for a Soul Reading session. Instantly, Dr DP Shukla told me, that I was depressed and I needed to do something tedious, to dissipate my energy, as my energy level was greater than I perceived and I am not utilizing it adequately. It was making me depressed! He also told me about my hobbies and how I can utilize my energy in those activities. Literally, nobody till now understood me that well, like he did! Thank you Sir!

  • Karan Shah, Udaipur
    May 15, 2018

    One after other bad things were happening around me. I got disturbed mentally. Everyone around me made me uncomfortable. I wasn’t able to cope with my situation. I took Dr DP Shukla’s Soul Reading session. He just instantly knew, that I was struggling with my identity and I had trouble accepting myself. He counselled me, and told me, ways to deal with such situations and helped me feel good about my body and myself. I needed to accept myself as, who I am. I found a great friend in him! He understands me so well. Thank you so much sir!

    Alison Weiden, Hamburg
    May 12, 2018

    I didn’t believe in psychic energies or anything of that sort. When I visited Udaipur, I came across someone, who told me about Dr DP Shukla. I got curious and went to meet him for a Soul Reading session. He told me everything about my entire life. He even told me few incidences in my life, that I had never shared with anyone and how that affected me. He even told me about my near future events and how I am suppose to handle that. He is such a delightful person! Great experience!

  • Rahul Mathur, Mumbai
    May 15, 2018

    I lost all hope in life, detached from family, my partner left me, lost my job. After all sorts of astrology consultancies and consulting Psychiatrists for my depression, none helped. I googled to seek some other healing therapies around. That is when I came across, "The Soul Reader-Dr. DP Shukla". To give it a try, I consulted Dr. DP. Shukla, for a Soul Reading session. He started speaking about me, as if he is watching my entire life in front of him. He told me, how my Karma was affecting my life and everything that had been happening to me, was the result of it. He told me, ways to balance my past karmas and then what can be expected after that. Really, soul reading is beyond astrology! I always enjoy talking to him!

  • Natalie Brandt, Austria
    May 14, 2018

    I was intuitive since birth. I used to think it was some sort of gift, but didn’t know how to control it, as I could feel unsettling events as well. during my visit to India, I met Dr DP Shukla. When he held my thumb, I literally felt some vibrations flowing through. Without me saying a single word, he started telling me, what sorts of vision, I used to have and how it was affecting me and that, I had psychic potential that could be organised. Under his guidance, I started practising Clairvoyance and now my energies are balanced and channelized properly.


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