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28 august, 2018 Blog

Aura & Chakra Reading

Aura is the human energy field that appears as a coloured emanation from the body also described as subtle body. Each one of these subtle bodies that exists around the physical body has its own unique frequency. They are interrelated, and each body affects the others.

The energy is emitted as a consequence of the feelings, deeds, and expressions of an individual. Reading of the aura, reveals the inherent qualities of the individual as it reflects his nature, thoughts and actions. Psychics and holistic medicine practitioners claim to see the size, colour and type of vibration of aura.

Each layer of your aura is said to be represented by a different colour. The way these colours vary and interact illustrates how emotionally, spiritually, and physically complex you are. The aura consists of seven levels/layers/auric bodies, also known as the physical, astral, lower, higher, spiritual, intuitional, and absolute planes. Each layer of your aura is said to correspond to a different chakra. Chakras are different vortices of energy within your body. Some layers or chakras may be more dominate. Others may be less visible, and less easily sensed.

The physical aura plane: This layer is closest to us and is diminished through our waking hours and increased while we sleep or rest. It’s connected to our physical comforts and health, as well as our five senses. Red is said to reflect from your root or physical layer. If our auras are in generally poor health, we will have smudges in this layer. Also, people who are harbouring negative emotions will have a darker physical aura plane. It may be sensed, perhaps even visible between your tailbone and pelvic bone.

The lower mental aura plane: This plane relates to reason, thought patterns, and how we construct our own individual reality. Most people spend their waking hours in this plane. This plane expands when our minds are at work, when we are studying, or when we’re focused on something particularly hard. This is also where a person’s belief systems are stored, as well as their values and ideas. Orange is said to reflect from your sacral layer. When someone’s lower mental aura plane is twisted and out of alignment, they will feel judgmental, down, and agitated. It may be sensed below your naval.

Try this: Our auras change as we switch moods. The same way smiling when we’re not happy can lift our mood, similar actions can perk up our auric fields. So, when you’re feeling out of alignment, murky, or affected by other people’s negative energies, washing away that mood from our aura can be as simple as giving yourself healthy, positive, loving thoughts. Test it out now by giving yourself an auric smile and see if you feel better.

The higher mental aura plane: This plane connects with our lower mental aura plane but adds in a deeper spiritual element as well, you connect your care for yourself to your care for others. This is where we store our higher-mind beliefs such as self-love, gratitude, selflessness, and unconditional love. Your self-talk can be affecting your whole vibe, not only your confidence but also the energy you project into the world. I invite you to take this as official permission to have a big-ass aura ego—it will only help nourish and feed the energy and environment within and around you. Yellow is said to reflect from your emotional layer. It may be sensed around your solar plexus, or the area below your ribcage and around the centre of your stomach.

The astral aura plane: This emotional layer emits our sensitive nature. It’s where we provide self-love. It stores our emotional history and experiences with friends and family. It is easy to tell when your astral aura is disturbed because you feel sensitive, unstable, and often irrational. Green is said to reflect from the astral layer, or the heart chakra. To heal negative emotions, try visualizing green. Lie on grass or spend some time under a tree. This will help to add the colour to your auric space. It may be sensed in or around your chest.

The spiritual aura plane: At this layer, you connect with other people over spiritual matters. This plane has solely to do with our spirituality and connects us to both our immediate surroundings and to the wider universe. When we are aware of this layer and connected to other people’s spiritual planes, we can better sense like-minded souls. When you have a clear spiritual aura, you will find yourself connecting with other people on the same path as you, discovering the same things—basically, others you can teach, share with, and learn from. You grow and shine brighter when you teach, share, and engage with others on a spiritual level. Blue is said to reflect from the spiritual layer, or the throat chakra. It may be sensed at the base of your throat.

The intuitional aura plane: The celestial plane acts as your third eye. It helps you see your dreams and be aware of your own intuition or instincts. This plane, also known as the celestial plane, is where we store our dreams, intuition, and overall spiritual awareness. This is where we store forgiveness and acceptance as well. Indigo or deep purple is said to reflect from the intuitional layer, or the third eye. You can sense a healthy intuitional aura plane in complete nirvana when you are near people like this—you also start to feel more centred in their presence. Enlightened souls, sometimes also called indigo personalities, live in their intuitional aura plane—sensitive, often eccentric, profound souls who are creative, intuitive, and gifted. It may be sensed at the centre of your forehead.

The absolute aura plane: The absolute plane works to balance and harmonize the other layers. It houses all the experiences of a soul’s journey and is the blueprint of a person’s spiritual destiny. White is said to reflect from the absolute layer, or the crown chakra. It may be sensed at the top of your head.

Your aura is said to change over time, some colours may come and go.

General interpretations suggest the following:

• Red: well-grounded, energetic, strong-willed

• Orange: adventurous, thoughtful, considerate

• Yellow: creative, relaxed, friendly

• Green: social, communicator, nurturing

• Blue: intuitive, spiritual, freethinker

• Indigo: curious, spiritually connected, gentle

• Violet: wise, intellectual, independent

Techniques to improve your aura:

• Positive affirmations. You may also “bathe” yourself in positive thoughts to wash away negative energy and allow you to focus on more optimistic ideas.

• Meditation. Spending time focused on your emotional and mental health may make your aura more vibrant.

• Visualization. Imagining yourself “cleaning” your aura by breathing in positive energy and breathing out negative light may help you eliminate “smudges” or dark spots in your aural layers.

• Smudging. Burning sage is an ancient tradition used to “clear” rooms or people of negative energy.

• Energy balancing and healing. Spiritual teachers and advisors may be able to help you find the source of energy imbalances and work to even them out.

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  • Sunil Bhargava, Udaipur
    May 12, 2018

    Things got worse when I failed in college. I was very depressed and had no friends. I developed suicidal tendencies. I met Dr DP Shukla for the Healing Session, which made me more confident and increased my cognitive functioning. Not only I have a great job now, but I enjoy life more than ever.

  • Sarah Silvester
    May 14, 2018

    I always worried too much and had self-mutilating tendencies. I used to harm myself all the time. After Healing Sessions with Dr DP Shukla, he helped me balance my crown chakra and heart chakra. Now, I am off medications since 2 years and follow him constantly.

  • Anonymous
    May 15, 2018

    I was sexually active since young age, and had been promiscuous. It definitely was affecting my married life. I couldn’t control it. Dr DP Shukla gave me Chakra Healing Sessions, which channeled my energy into being more calm and sensitive to surroundings and control my sensual desires.

  • Sanket Maheshwari, Mumbai
    May 15, 2018

    After contacting Dr DP Shukla, my life has definitely changed cause before I used to have auditory hallucinations, which affected my sleep and I couldn’t study either. His Soul Reading session helped me find the cause of my suffering. I had his Chakra Healing sessions weekly which has stopped my illness and now I feel much better.

  • Kirtika Jain, Udaipur
    May 15, 2018

    I was going through a rough time after my divorce, I started dating someone but it wasn’t working either. After a Soul Reading session with Dr DP Shukla sir, I was told that, my aura and my surroundings were all depressed and negative, which attracted the wrong people, which ultimately used to harm me. His guidance and Chakra Healing sessions worked really well. He is such a great healer. I am more confident in myself now. Thank you so much Sir!


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